Red Heart Duo

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Plush Pumpkin Be Mine Heart x2

  • Handcrafted
  • Two-tone Sequined Heart and Magenta Velvet Heart
  • Real pumpkin stems hand harvested from local farms
  • Recycled plastic fill

Size: Extra Large (5")

The Plush Pumpkin Red Heart Duo is the sweet, romantic decor piece you need in your home.

The two-tone sequin heart is simply beautiful. Just like magic, this amazing fabric will change from iridescent pink to red with the brush of your finger. The Velvet Magenta Heart is soft, luxe, and rich in color. 

This handcrafted heart is made with real pumpkin stems, harvested by hand from local farms.

Use this adorable heart to decorate for Valentine's Day or any time of year. Also makes a wonderful gift for an anniversary, wedding, or birthday.