Cocktails (Memoires)
Cocktails (Memoires)

Cocktails (Memoires)


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  • 80 pages
  • Explore the spirit of the cocktail
  • Published in 2005
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In Cocktails (Memoires), Amy Sacco, the ultimate cocktail cognoscente, restores the spirit of this very sexy drink, sharing favorite recipes from her exclusive nightclubs including Lot 61 and Bungalow 8.

The restaurant and bar owner credited with converting New York City s New York City into the go-to party destination also reminisces on the most important cocktail moments of the past decade, and offers tips on how to serve them with flair.

Assouline, the educator on style, punctuates the book with the latest in bar and stemware - the perfect holiday gift.

There is so much more to serving a cocktail than shaken, not stirred. Glamorous and exuberant, more than any other drink, the cocktail has a place in our social culture that stylishly evolves as the years go by. From classic scenes in old-Hollywood films like The Thin Man to Carrie Bradshaw's cosmopolitans, the cocktail has become a character to be interpreted and reinterpreted.