Deborah Rhodes Round Placemat 15" - White (Set of 4)

Round Placemat 15" - White (Set of 4)

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  • Handmade
  • Nylon braid
  • Imported

Dimensions: 15'' Diameter

Deborah Rhodes' signature woven round placemat is a classic.

The quality of the braid and sheer volume of colors Deborah has curated over two decades make it a bridal registry staple. Loved by customers everywhere for its' durability, simplicity, and ability to match any dinnerware pattern!


Care: Brush or wipe clean. Attend to food stains right away; spot clean with water and mild detergent. If needed, braided placemats can be completely immersed in water and soaked as needed. There are some stains such as oil that may require additional care. We recommend a citrus-based spray and then wash with water.