Jellycat Sienna Seahorse
Jellycat Sienna Seahorse
Jellycat Sienna Seahorse
Jellycat Sea Tails Book
Jellycat Sea Tails Book

Sienna Seahorse & Sea Tails Book

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Jellycat Sienna Seahorse x1

Jellycat Sea Tails Book x1

  • Oh-so soft
  • Pretty in pink   

Dimensions: H11" X W4" 

Divinely dainty in soothing pastels, Sienna Seahorse is a kooky, curly cutie!

Squeezably soft in ice-cream pink, with a cordy mane and matching fins, this swirly-tail seahorse loves to graze on sweet seaweed. Would you care for a sprig?

Dive into the Jellycat Sea Tails Book for tails of every stripey, scale, and squiggle!

A funky fabric book that can hang from the stroller, this is one silly, splashy adventure!

Bursting with color and zany illustrations, it's a great way to learn about baby's favorite ocean pals.

Care: Handwash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean, or iron. Not recommended to clean in a washing machine.