Sea Salt Pop Candle

Regular price$38.00
  • 7.5 oz candle
  • Reusable vessel
  • Approx. Burn Time: 40 hrs
  • Scent: Lime, ocean breeze, sea salt, blue lotus, water hyacinth, white musk
Dimensions: 3.25"H

The Jonathan Adler Sea Salt Pop Candle will make you feel like you're walking barefoot through the sand on an island or taking a nap on a sailboat.

This beachy candle evokes the feel of those lazy summer days by the seashore with notes of island lime, ocean breeze, sea salt, blue lotus, water hyacinth, outdoor freshness and white musk in a crisp navy glass vessel.

The bold blend of essential oils is crafted to provide several hours of sensational sea scents.

Comes in a gift box for easy giving. Plus, the vessel can be reused once your candle is gone!

Care: Always trim the wick before lighting. Minimize wax on the sides of the vessel and damage caused by overheating by not burning longer than 2-3 hours.