The Light of Jerusalem

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  • 132 pages
  • 60 illustrations
  • Hardcover with jacket
  • Published March 2014
Dimensions: 10.62"W x 13"L x 0.78"D

Moving, dreamlike excerpts from Nobel Prize–winning writer and humanitarian Elie Wiesel’s acclaimed 1968 novel A Beggar in Jerusalem introduce Assouline’s The Light of Jerusalem.

Showcasing Jean-Michel Berts’s textural black-and- white photographs taken on the cusp of daybreak, The Light of Jerusalem captures the poignancy and the poetry of this ancient crossroads of civilizations and empires, bustling commerce, and devout spirituality.

Jerusalem today is a multicultural metropolis, a complex layering of ancient and modern, religious and secular, political and spiritual, historic and timeless; this marvelous volume expresses the power and mystery of Jerusalem’s monuments, streets, gardens, and panoramas.